Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Happy Holi - Parenting Tips from Edu-Paedia Preschool

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Happy Holi …..The festival of Holi represents the importance of being good , keeping faith in what we do and the power of love and affection.

The  world today is filled with harsh and cruel reality of  unhappiness, selfishness and  violence. Yet we talk of realising the potential of our children. How we do that? One way is to, “catch them right “. How to do that?  
The power of praise and a simple hug or a pat is immense. Most of the time we use two words “DON’T  and NO.” with our children. Our conversation is peppered with these two words..  We think, we are teaching them not to do something. This is negative reinforcement , instead, lets identify the things done well by our children. Suppose your child wakes up with a smile, hug your child. You have reinforced that it’s a good thing to wake up in a cheerful mood. If the child finishes the food in the tiffin box, pat the child and praise the child in front of the grandparents or neighbours. Your child will walk 6 inches taller and do anything for you.  
Make time to listen to your child, be interested in what your child shares, it is also reinforcing the habit of sharing and communicating. A smile, a pat on the back, a high five or even a thumbs up will go a long way in reassuring the child and building their self-esteem. Create a CATCH RIGHT corner in your house, where you can add tokens  of good behaviour and deeds.
Only by reinforcing the right behaviour, can we chase the dream of excellence.
Happy Catching them right.

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