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Parenting Tips - Edu-Paedia Pre-School

Date: 25th February, 2017.
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Each one of us is born happy. Do you remember the beatific smile your child had till he /she turned 7-8 months old? The child is blessed with a sunny nature. It believes the world is all good. When does its small mind begin to get tainted?  When it makes a connection with the outside world, begins to explore beyond its comfort zone it comes across many experiences. Some are the same as the experiences at home and some in complete contrast to what it sees at home. The child also begins to think and question when its senses are fully developed and it begins to develop a sense of I.. Exploring and making sense of what it sees, hears will be a continuous process. We cannot stop this exploration. Yet understanding this, we could continue to create a cocoon of happiness through some of our actions:
1. Buy happiness everyday by telling the child it is a most needed commodity. Label a smile as costly and ask the child to buy it from you. Thank you, Sorry can be two happiness coins that can be given to the child and ask them to spend it big.
2. Ask your child to name things which make it happy and draw happiness charts.
3. Create an ATM account of Happiness in your house and put notes of happiness in it by appreciating your child. For example, give drinking milk a notional value and deposit it in the account. Playing in the park can be another happiness note and can have some value. At the end of the week ask the child to count the number of happiness notes it has and reward it with an activity the child like to do.
4. Become your child’s happy friend. Share happiness episodes with your child for five minutes. Ask your child to share one happiness episode with you.  

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