Sunday, 27 November 2016

Parenting Tips - Edu-Paedia Pre-School

As a parent, we allow our children to play, we encourage our children to explore the world
through their senses. They learn and make sense of the world visually and kinesthetically. But
don’t they need to read and write. Oh. yes, they need to read, write, and listen. The world is also
about these skills. Understanding this, we have designed activities which will help you work with
your child and enhance these skills.
We have been emphasizing the need to spend quality time with young ones. We are sending
across a set of activities called ‘Home Connect’ which can be done with them at their pace. If they
enjoy something, let them do it at one go. If they are reluctant, do not push them but let them do it
when they feel ready. We want you to be the guide, motivator, and partner. Please support them,
share yourself through these activities, bond as a team and rediscover the joy of learning together
from the eyes of your child.
Is your child a talker, does he repeat like a parrot and then add some more? You are watching an
Auditory Learner who has a keen sense of sound. He can hear and make sense of words, enjoys
music, and inscribes the word in his brain. He loves to speak and enjoys talking
The child who loves to read, holds the newspaper upside down and pretends to read, that is our
Read Write Genius. Loves the written word and writes with ease. Maybe loves the Ipad or the
computer and putters around with it. Eventually they all get there but some faster and some a
little more slowly. Let’s be there for them in this journey.


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