Thursday, 17 November 2016

Challenges of Parenting

Greetings from the family of Edu-Paedia. We are all in the technology era. Our children are technocrats. They love computers, are addicted to television. Our imaginative children creates stories, builds drama and allows fire eating dragons, bull headed ogres, talking fish and flying turtles to be their friends. They want action all the time. They want OVER STIMULATION and are bored by reality. They love the world of cartoons and films. They are VISUAL LEARNERS. Television can be an inquiry tool. Our kids can explore places and animals or things they will not come across naturally. They can learn new things or activities. Yet for all its advantages, TV encourages our kids to be couch potatoes. Their social skills are hampered. They forget to read; their language development is impeded. They are exposed to a lot of violence and negativity. They tend to become less energetic and lose their creativity. Let us ration the TV time. Let us watch TV with them. Television time can be bonding time. Story telling or reading together can replace TV time. Walk and play with your child. Let our kids enjoy reality rather than make believe. “Say no to TV”. We are organizing a session on „The joys and challenges of parenting‟ by Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, Chairman, Edu-Paedia at R.V. Institute of Management on the 19th November, 2016. Register and be a courageous and empowering parent …..

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Television – the entertainer and the spoiler

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